Because companies’ life and business are full of challenges, N-MBA team is willing to help you overcome them.

Our goal is to guide you through all steps of your company’s life, with a comprehensive service in line with your expectations. N-MBA tax will provide you with proactive and qualified consultants who will effectively assist on your projects.

We can assist you on the following matters.

Process Management

Our consultants will help you analyzing, identifying and smoothly implementing relevant changes in your procedures, in respect with your targeted organization and timing.

Change Management

Our consultants can inform, and train and assist your employees on any management change.

Business Analysis / Software Implementation

Our consultants will assist you on designing your business model, and will advise on added value solutions. They will Guide you on the software implementation (Accounting software, ERP…) following your structural needs. They will help you with organizational change as well as strategic planning.

Merge & Acquisition

We will share our experience with you to assist you in your business development, and strongly guide you on your merger or acquisition plans.

Temp. Management Replacement

We offer you qualified and committed consultants to temporary fill the managerial vacancies.

Operational Support

Our consultants can strengthen your operational team, and mitigate your peak of activity.

Trusted by great people and businesses around Belgium

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